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This website aims at providing a handy overview of all the different Programmes and Agencies within the European Commission. The EU provides funding for a broad range of projects and programmes covering almost all areas. To find your way in this enormous landscape of opportunities is not always easy and could be rather time-consuming.

In order to help you in this search, we have created this overview tool. We aim at complementing, not replacing, the official information at the different EU websites.

You can filter the overview to tailor it
- to fit your situation (SME, Knowledge Center, ...),
- the kind of support you are looking for (grant, loans, ...),
- and the topic you are working on.

Funding Programmes

The EU makes funding available in different forms, including grants, loans and guarantees…

Find here all relevant information which will allow you to apply to the different types of funding through the respective funding programmes. Whether you are a public or private organisation, an NGO, a local authority, a network… your project can be eligible to European Funds.


EU funding can be managed jointly by the European Commission (EC) and national authorities, directly by the European Commission or indirectly by other authorities inside or outside the EU, depending on the nature of the funding concerned.

Direct management The EC manages the budget of projects carried out by its departments, at its headquarters, in the EU delegations or through EU executive agencies.
This includes awarding grants, transferring funds, monitoring activities, selecting contractors, etc.

Indirect management Some funding programmes are implemented by national authorities either inside or outside the EU, international organisations, or development agencies of EU countries.

Beta version (disclaimer)

What you see is the results of quite some hours of hard work. We are aware this site needs further polishing, tweaking and configuration. Quite some cool features are on the planning (e.g. full text search, API access, social media sharing functions) and will arrive in the future.

Most important now, however, is to become operational. To see how the site is being used. And to learn from your comments, suggestions and remarks. We would like to stress that all feedback is welcome. Just send us a mail to get in contact.

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