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Decentralised Agencies

Decentralised agencies contribute to the implementation of EU policies. They also support cooperation between the EU and national governments by pooling technical and specialist expertise from both the EU institutions and national authorities. Decentralised agencies are set up for an indefinite period and are located across the EU.


Agency for Support for BEREC (BEREC Office)



  • Role: Provide professional and administrative support to the Body of the European Regulators of Electronic Communications (BEREC)
  • Director: László Ignéczi
  • Set up: 2010
  • Number of staff: 27
  • Location: Riga (Latvia)
  • Website: BEREC Office


The BEREC Office is an EU agency providing professional and administrative support to BEREC, the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications.


What it does

BEREC aims the relevant EU legislation is applied consistently, so the EU has a functioning single market for electronic communications 

It provides advice on request ad its own initiative to the European Institutions. BEREC consists of what is called the Board of Regulators. This is a body made up of the heads (or nominated high-level representatives) of each EU country’s national regulator.



The governing body BEREC Office is a Management Committee, composed of 1 member per country and 1 member representing the Commission.


How it works

The BEREC Office:

  • provides professional and administrative support to BEREC
  • collects information and shares best practice among national regulators
  • helps prepare the work of BEREC’s Board of Regulators
  • sets up BEREC expert working groups and supports them.


Who benefits

BEREC’s target audience is:

  • European, regional & national institutions in the field of electronic communications
  • Companies & industry associations in the sector
  • Consumers & consumer associations
  • Consultancies, researchers, think tanks
  • Academics.


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