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ECSEL So Far (april 2020): 3.4 bn€ RDI cost - 1.6 bn€ EU and National funding - 1.8 bn€ Industries' own financing

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More information for Flemish organisations can be found on the VLAIO website for ECSEL 


Other organisations
Other organisations include bodies set up as part of EU programmes and public-private partnerships between the European Commission and the industry.


ECSEL Joint Undertaking


  • Role: Manages a research and innovation programme to strengthen the EU's electronic components and systems industry
  • Director: Bert De Colvenaer
  • Members or partners:
    • - the EU (through the Commission)
    • - Horizon 2020 Member States and Associated Countries, on a voluntary basis
    • - 3 associations (EPoSS, AENEAS and ARTEMIS Industry Association) representing stakeholders in micro- and nanoelectronics, smart integrated systems and embedded/cyber-physical systems.
  • Established in: 2014
  • Number of staff: 32
  • Location: Brussels (Belgium)
  • Website: ECSEL Joint Undertaking


ECSEL is a public-private partnership for electronic components and systems.

It manages a research and innovation programme for the development of a strong and globally competitive electronics components and systems industry in the EU.


What it does

ECSEL brings together EU stakeholders from the public sector, industry and academic institutions.

It supports research, development and innovation in electronics in key applications.

For example:

  • smart solutions for mobility
  • healthcare
  • the environment
  • energy
  • digital society
  • manufacturing.


It also promotes key capabilities, so it aims to:

  • maintain semiconductor and smart systems manufacturing in the EU
  • ensure EU independence in electronic components and systems
  • secure a leading position in design and systems engineering
  • bridge the gap between research and practical applications
  • attract private investment by aligning strategies between EU countries
  • create a world-class infrastructure for design and manufacture of electronic components
  • overcome obstacles to effective research and innovation
  • develop advanced ecosystems of innovative SMEs.



ECSEL JU funds Research, Development and Innovation projects in Electronic Components and Systems, engaging finances from the EU, countries and participants for innovative activities that make a real difference in our society and your personal life.

It awards funding through annual, open and competitive calls for proposals.


ECSEL's governance includes the following bodies:

  • The governing board has overall responsibility for the strategic orientation and the operations of ECSEL and supervises the implementation of its activities.
  • The executive director is responsible for the day-to-day management of ECSEL.
  • The public authorities board is responsible for calls for proposals and allocating public funding.
  • The private members board is responsible for drawing up the draft multiannual strategic research and innovation agenda and the draft research and innovation activities plan. It is made up of 3 industry associations: EPoSS, AENEAS and ARTEMIS Industry Association.


Who benefits

Any legal entities (e.g. businesses, research organisations, international European interest organisations based in the EU or in Horizon 2020 associated countries).

However, legal entities based in other non-EU countries and international organisations may be also be eligible if:

  • funding for such participants is provided for under a bilateral scientific and technological agreement or any other arrangement between the EU and the international organisation or non EU country
  • ECSEL considers that the entity's participation is essential for carrying out the project funded by Horizon 2020.


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