European Innovation Council (EIC) fund

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provide equity from €0.5m to €15m

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European Innovation Council (EIC) fund


How can you get involved

Are you a private investor seeking to invest in future breakthrough innovation, together with the European Innovation Council (EIC)? The EIC Fund will manage the equity investment, offering the opportunity for private investors to co-fund in highly innovative companies.

Co-investing in companies carefully selected by the European Innovation Council (EIC) is a great investment opportunity as well as an opportunity to support breakthrough, market-creating innovations across Europe and beyond. Under the pilot phase of the EIC Accelerator, a total of 140 start-ups and SMEs* are set to receive both a grant and a direct equity investment to support their scale-up.

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If you are interested in co-investing with the EIC Fund, please send an e-mail to RTD-EIC-FUND-INVESTORS@ec.europa.eu for further information.


About the EIC Fund

The EIC Fund will provide equity from €0.5m to €15m to breakthrough innovation companies selected for EIC Accelerator blended finance support (grant and equity). This is the first time the European Commission will make such direct equity investments in companies, with ownership stakes expected to be in general from 10% to 25% in start-up companies. The EIC Fund Board of Directors decide on the equity financing for innovators, following a thorough evaluation by external experts and a due diligence process overseen by a committee of seasoned external practitioners and investors.

The European Investment Bank, as advisors of the EIC Fund on behalf of the European Commission, will manage the ownership stakes of the European Commission. The EIC Fund fills the funding gap at the start-up stage where the EU venture capital market underperforms compared to the global venture capital market.

Since the start of the EIC Accelerator Pilot in the autumn of 2019, a total of 102 start-ups and SMEs active in all technology intensive sectors (health, digital, energy, etc.) have been pre-selected for equity financing for a total of nearly €400m. Further companies will be preselected by the EIC Accelerator Pilot in July (in Green Deal areas) and November. These companies are being subject to due diligence by the European Investment Bank (EIB), which acts as the investment Advisor to the EIC Fund.

*Please note due diligence on selected companies is ongoing

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