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Agencies under Common Security and Defence Policy

Agencies have been set up to carry out very specific technical, scientific and management tasks within the framework of European Union’s Common Security and Defence Policy.


European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS)


  • Role: to provide analysis of foreign, security and defence policy issues
  • Director: Gustav Lindstrom
  • Set up: 2002
  • Staff: 24
  • Location: headquarters in Paris (France) with a liaison office in Brussels (Belgium)
  • Website: EUISS


The European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) is an EU agency that analyses foreign, security and defence policy issues.


What it does

The EUISS aims to:

  • foster a common security culture in the EU
  • help develop and project the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP)
  • support the drafting and projection of EU foreign policy
  • contribute to debate on security strategy inside and outside Europe.


Its core mission is to provide analysis and organise discussion forums to help formulate EU policy. In carrying out that mission, it also acts as an interface between European experts and decision makers at all levels.



EUISS's team of analysts is made up of up to 9 resident senior analysts. Their work is complemented by an extensive network of associate analysts, junior analysts and external researchers.

The EUISS is governed by a board, chaired by the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, who draws up its budgetary and administrative rules and approves its work programme. The Political and Security Committee provides political supervision – but without compromising the intellectual independence and operational autonomy of the agency.


How it works

The agency provides expertise, research, analytical studies, and briefings to a wide range of actors. The institute's flagship publication is its series of Chaillot papers, which are based on focused, in-depth research. The EUISS also publishes a yearbook, reports, and shorter briefs and alerts.

EUISS collaborates with the European External Action Service and the European Security and Defence College, the European Commission (DG DEVCO), the European Parliament, other EU agencies (EDA, SatCen), and member state governments.


Who benefits

As part of its mission, EUISS regularly produces publications on the topics and regions at the core of the EU's work.

Its events boost the EU's analytical capacity and help to shape common approaches. They bring together EU officials, national experts, academics, decision makers, media and civil society representatives from the EU member states, and the rest of the world.


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